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Moral values within migration politics: illegal people or creative boundaries?


"Migration as morality politics" is a project which addresses a research gap concerning the role of values in migration politics. Once a field dominated by bureaucrats and special interests, migration politics has now become a site of intense value-based conflicts. Such conflicts touch upon deeply-held moral principles and generate dynamics of contention that are typical of morality politics. Nevertheless, the moral dimension of migration politics has not been in the focus of either the migration studies or the morality politics literature. In order to fill this gap, the project develops a new analytical approach to the study of migration that is sensitive to the role of values as a source of normative disagreements and as constitutive of political actors’ preferences and motivations.

Photo: The Sea-Eye (left) and the Seefuchs at a demonstration on the Mediterranean Sea. Credits to the Sea-Eye (


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Image by Alessandro Bianchi

This is the Elise-Richter Project funded by the Austrian Science Fund (2019-2023) and dedicated to the sanctuary practices within the migration politics

Image by Nataliia Kvitovska

This project is led by Dr Julia Mourão Permoser and was originally established at the University of Innsbruck, Austria

Image by Jerome

The project focuses on three types of sanctuary practices in the US and the EU, as well as pays additional attention to the postcolonial viewpoint on sanctuary and asylum

Image by Olav Ahrens Røtne

This project, being interdisciplinary, involved a number of collaborations with other authors, institutions and organisations from different areas of social sciences, devoted to political, religious, cultural studies, as well as studies of international relations and vulnerable groups of people

Image by Markus Winkler

This project will constitute the basis for Dr Mourão Permoser`s  Habilitation in political science. The aim of doing this results in a range of  co-authored and single authored publications

Image by Jason Leung

Along with scientific articles, this project has resulted in a number of public speeches, commentaries and conference papers

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